Mr Mark Andrew Alford (DO, MAO, GRCCT)

Fully qualified Osteomyologist, and registered Orthopathic Practitioner



About Mark

I started my training to become an Osteopath in 1986, by first attending The Northern Institute of Massage. I qualified as a remedial masseur. I then moved on to The Northern Counties School of Osteopathy, Studying under the well known Osteopath  Mr Harry Hawes who sadly is no longer with us. I qualified in 1992 as an Osteopath and continued to work alongside my father as an Osteopath till 2000 when the Osteopathic Political Scene changed and many qualified and well established Osteopaths found themselves through no fault of there own put out of the Osteopathic Profession.

At this time The Association of Osteomyologist had been established since 1993 and held their doors open to all professional Practitioners be they Osteopathic, Chiropractic, manipulative trained or other.
Their Continued Professional Development (CPD) programs were well established and in my opinion better than anything the Osteopaths at that time could offer, so in 2000 I was accepted into the Osteomyology Association and so were many others besides.

Since then I have attended many CPD’s in neurology, chest examination, abdomen examination etc,
Osteomyology is the core of Continued Health Clinic its goal, ethics and philosophies.